Almond blossom pendant

Almond blossom pendant

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Silver oval pendant engraved with an almond blossom vector, available on it's own or on a curb, oval rolo or belcher chain.

Available in 3 sizes, 16 mm, 18 mm or 20 mm in length.

The almond is one of the first trees to blossom in late winter, signifying the changing of seasons.

It is also one of the last trees to bear it's fruit. Biblically this reminds us that the Lord watches over His Word to fulfill it in His time.

The almond is also associated with the minorah in the tabernacle, which was shaped in the form of almond blossoms and almonds, further linking it to the Light of His Word.

The Lord's Word is true, and He remains faithful to fulfil it, in His time.