Is it 'real'silver?

We are often asked whether our jewellery is 'real' silver.


Chains: All our chains and bracelets are of the finest quality 925 sterling silver chains imported from Italy

Other pieces: For all other jewellery pieces we make use of 935 Argentium silver. Technically Argentium silver can be labelled as sterling silver, but there is a slight difference. Traditional 925 Sterling is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper. Argentium silver consists of 93.5% Silver with the remaining 6.5% consisting of a combination of Copper and Germanium. 

What difference does it make?

  • Argentium silver is a purer form of siver than traditional sterling silver.
  • Argentium silver appears whiter and brighter than traditional sterling silver.
  • Argentium silver work hardens more than traditional sterling silver, making it more dent and scratch resistant.
  • Argentium silver is tarnish resistant, which means it is less likely to turn black.
  • Argentium silver is hypoallergenic and because of the lower copper content, your skin is less likely to react to the metal if you are copper sensitive. Many of our clients who are copper sensitive have let us know that the Argentium silver doesn't irritate their skin and especially ears as traditional sterling silver often does.
  • Argentium silver is always alloyed from ethically sourced silver.

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